As you may know, our 3D Concrete House Printer has completed testing and is ready to be mass produced for use in construction.
We successfully validated its functionality and ability by 3D printing in concrete an assortment of trial structures, including world's first 3D-printed concrete castle in United States and the 3D-printed Concrete Hotel for Lewis Grand in Philippines.
The 3D Concrete House Printer is capable of building 1-2 story houses up to 200 sq. meters for each floor. Print speed: of a 100 sq. meter house with a height of 3 meters is 48 hours.
We are interested in franchising our 3D Concrete Printing technology world-wide. Companies or individuals interested with appropriate financial flexibility may partner with us in their country/region.
The current monetary estimate to bring this technology to a new market is estimated at one million US Dollars. It will be divided into several stages including the assembly of the first printer and printing of a test house-model. An itinerary and business plans will be discussed after the vetting process.
In addition to advancing the 3D Concrete House Printer for construction, we have several other pending projects that we are looking for partners and customers.

3D Concrete Printer is not only for houses, it can be scaled down to print architectural replicas like wonders around the world. Once we have the model we can 3D print it in concrete or other material. Anything from ancient monuments to modern art sculptures. Even architecture destroyed during wars, can be recreated with 3D models generated using several pictures and not just in one place but anywhere in the world. ( )

-We already shared the idea of building a Full-Sized Concrete Fantasy Village. The idea needs supporters and you can be one of them. Please see more details at this link:

- Construction Printers are one part of our business; we have designed 3D Industrial Specialty Printers and large format Plasma cutters, and CNC-machines. We are working on a composite material printer to print aluminum and other durable materials. The printing process is based on completely different principles than current printers, much faster with yet unknown materials, new dimension in printing process and all 3D dimensional printers. This industrial printer will require a one million dollar investment to build a first working prototype. If you would like to discuss business opportunities, please contact us at

- 3D Chocolate Printer
Have you ever dream of printing your own chocolate model? We have made great progress experimenting with our 3D Chocolate Printer.  The function of a chocolate 3D printer is to design and print your own personalized dessert. The current prototype is in the testing phase and has the capability of printing objects with the dimensions of 0.5m x 0.5m x 0.5m. Eventually we have goal to make large scale printer with abilities to print up to 2 m tall objects out of chocolate
Please contact us if you are looking to partner with us for this project.

- 3D Space Printer
We are looking to experiment in designing 3D Space Printer ( This will be a great opportunity for space exploring agencies. Estimating a budget of 5 million dollars for building a working prototype (this will be a simple light-weight machine, using moon dust for the “ink” material). And keep in mind we are taking it seriously, we designed and able to build really working in space machines not just a theoretical concept.

We are interested in distributing the technology around the world and welcome International investment and partners.

Please reach out to us at if you would like to discuss business opportunities.

3D Concrete House Printer