3D Concrete House Printer

The 3D Concrete House Printer has completed testing and is currently in production, so it can now be used in construction. We successfully validated its functionality and ability by 3D printing an assortment of trial structures in concrete, in different climatic conditions, including the world's first 3D-printed concrete castle in the United States and the 3D-printed Concrete Hotel for Lewis Grand in the Philippines.
The 3D Concrete House Printer is capable of building 1-2 story houses up to 150 sq. meters for each floor. The print speed of a 100 sq. meter house with a height of 3 meters is approximately 48 hours. 

We are interested in cooperation. Companies or individuals interested with appropriate financial flexibility may partner with us in their country/region.

The current monetary estimate to bring this technology to a new market is estimated from $300 K to one million US Dollars. 
In addition to advancing the 3D Concrete House Printer for construction, we have several other pending projects for which we are looking for investors, partners, and customers. 

  Looking for an outstanding 3D Concrete Printing Project to invest in?

1. Invest in a unique building

With the completion of Stroybot 6.2, a more advanced, faster, lighter, and user-friendly 3D Concrete Printing machine, we are looking for partners for one-time printing projects. 
We are going to print certain structures  and are accepting inquiries to print modern high-tech buildings or other iconic buildings. 
We are interested in partnering with co-investors/interested parties who want to and are able to invest in this type of  iconic architecture, or other creative structures that can be occupied. It could be in any part of the world. 
If it is a castle, we will implement a fantasy-style with many details in the interior to make a superior fantasy-style interior. If it is contemporary-style, we will print a sophisticated high-tech building. 
Other ideas can be considered upon request.

2. Invest in ENERGY  -  MegaTowerBot printer

Work in progress. Investment and government support required.
For printing of over-sized towers up to 100m (300') height:
                      - solar power towers
                      - solar updraft towers 
                      - draft cooling towers
                      - wind turbines

3.  Volumetric Hologram 3D Printer

Work in progress. Additional investment required.
This is not a construction printer, but certainly a groundbreaking one.                                                         
This is an industrial-grade printer which uses lasers to create entire complete objects simultaneously.
Non-layering advanced material printer.
Builds objects by squirting material in a three dimensional pattern by laying down layers of fine dust, which is fused using a laser.
It is advanced, groundbreaking 3D printing technology, the printer of the future. When it is done, it has the capability to outperform all other types of printers. It is, however, the most complex machine in the 3D printing industry, and will takes a few more years to develop. 

4.  3D Space Printer
We are looking to cooperate with space exploring agencies for building the working prototype. This is a light-weight machine, using moon dust as the “ink” material for printing . The machine is already  well-designed, and we are looking for interested parties to be involved in building the working machine.

5.  Building an International, Advanced House Printing Company 

We are starting to work on a large project of printing homes worldwide. Interested corporate-level investors required.