3D Concrete House Printer

Uneven or waving shaped walls​ can be 3D-printed.

Rectangular windows and doors openings are easy to print when using wooden support 

Twisted columns

Some design elements can be printed separately and installed manually.

Breaking a long straight wall by additional printed design elements allows to prevent shrinkage cracking


New technology in construction often becomes a source of new style in architecture. 3D Concrete Printing will inevitably lead to changes in appearance in the next few years, and quite possibly might lead to a new direction of architecture. The following is a list of elements we’ve discovered through experimentation. In the future, we will add more prospects, but what we currently know right now is here. 

Although my main goal is to start the construction of houses, at the moment, I am exploring the printer’s capabilities with different castles. While living in a real, life-sized castle might not be a tangible goal, owning a castle in the form of a playhouse is completely plausible. Architects, designers and those interested in further developing this technology: share your ideas and email sketches to andrey.rudenko.3d@gmail.com. We will post your work here. Once there are enough sketches and pictures, we will open an official forum. 

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