3D Concrete House Printer

Our mission is to develop robotic systems that facilitate the construction of affordable and smarter housing. With many years of background in traditional construction, thorough scientific research, and practical knowledge of the challenges in construction, we have designed and are producing several 3D Concrete Printers, as well as have developed a high-tech method of construction  that reduces the need for manual human labor.
We are front runners in the development and implementation of portable 3D Concrete printers. Our company was the first in the world to create and develop the first mobile 3D Concrete printer for on-site printing, and was the first in the world to print a fully-operational commercial building, printed as a solid, single-piece unit rather than blocks.
We use US/EU made electronics for our printers, as well as Carbon/Kevlar Composite materials to make our printers faster, lighter, and more precise.

Now, after years of development and testing, we are producing and selling 3D Concrete Printers.

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Skype: semaura