3D Concrete House Printer


The Total Kustom Technology is now ready to be used ​on a construction site

StroyBot concrete printer
          3D Construction Printer for printing homes
          Printing envelope: 10 X 20 X 6 m

LAByrinth  concrete printer 
          Laboratory grade 3D Printer designed for R&D lab and education
          Printing envelope:  5 X 5 X 3 m

Architect's printer
          Closed-chamber FDM plastic Printer with enlarged replaceable
          extruders for printing plastic models of homes 
​          Printing envelope: 1.0  X  0.5  X  0.5 m 

With many years of background in traditional construction, thorough scientific research, and practical knowledge of the challenges in construction, we have designed a high-tech Method of Construction that reduces the need for manual human labor.


StroyBot 7.1M, the military-grade seventh generation printer, extremely  lightweight,  made of aircraft aluminum  / composite materials / titanium alloy. Designed of operating in a variety of environmental conditions / disaster areas.

Have opened an Assembling Facility to also make printers for EU market. All parts/bolts are metric (mm),
and the power is adopted to EU: 220-240V single phase, 380-400V 3 phase.

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Our mission is to develop robotic systems that facilitate the construction of affordable and smarter housing.